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Beginning of Con Amore

In honor of our new blog I wanted to tell you a bit how we began creating Con Amore.
So here goes...

Characters from Con Amore
Step 1 : The game concept
First of all we were of course exited of our great game idea! That's when we designed how our game functions, who's the target audience, and what is the game idea in general. In short we made a basic game concept. This was really fun for us.

Step 2: Deciding engine and platforms
Before we got to work we needed to decide how to create our game in practice.

This is where we decided the platforms for our game (Windows, Mac, Linux and Android). We also decided which engine we would use. In this case we wanted to use the awesome Ren'py Engine. Other options could be Unity, or programming your own engine.

Step 3: Action plan
Next we composed action plan. It may sound boring but we have to admit, making it really saves time and troubles. With action plan, we know what we are doing and in what order.

Step 4: Building a team
From our experience it is very effective to share different responsibilities and tasks from the very beginning. These may of course change in time but it is really convenient to know who is doing what and when.

Well here are the first four steps of our project. If you have some thoughts on the matter, we would love to hear them!

Best wishes: Niina

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